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Getting Started

What is PeachFly ?

PeachFly is all in one digital publishing solution to help you get your content published in fully branded apps to all the major app stores. PeachFly is your technical partner in digital publishing as we take care of all the technical details so you can focus on your content.

Why PeachFly ?

We created PeachFly back in the summer of 2016 to provide publishers with a simple to use yet effective digital publishing solution for a fraction of the price current providers are charging.

We believe that everyone should be able to create publishing apps!


At PeachFly we believe the publisher should remain in 100% control of branding, app code and revenue. Why would anyone want to give this away to a third party solution?


Here are 10 good reasons why we believe PeachFly is the best solution available:


1. Fully branded magazine apps! With PeachFly, you will have your own magazine app with zero PeachFly branding and only your colors, logo’s and graphics.


2. You are in complete control of your publishing apps and revenue using PeachFly. We require that you use your own app developer accounts from Apple and Google. This way you remain in 100% control of your apps.


3. We setup everything for you. Not only will we customize, build and submit your publishing apps, we will also setup store listings on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


4. Extremely competitive price. Inexpensive doesn’t have to equate poor quality. We are proud to be the most affordable digital publishing solutions with tons of features and apps store distribution.


5. Create responsive content! You can send us your PDF and we will convert this into a responsive HTML5 format that will look and read great on any device, screen size and orientation. You can also use our widget based drag and drop editor to create engaging and responsive content.


6. Tons of features! You get everything you will need to create and publish awesome publishing apps. From unlimited issues, downloads, pages and push notifications to dedicated support when you need it.


7. Convenient and easy to use. Using the online publishing portal is very easy and we show you step by step guides on how to prepare your issues. You can access this from any browser and do not need to install additional software.


8. Get started instantly! Simply upload your PDF or use our editor to create new issues that you can publish in your apps instantly as soon as they are live in the app stores.


9. Legendary support! We will basically bend over backwards for you and help you in any way we can to get published in app stores. Our support staff is available 8 hours daily on live chat and respond to tickets within 24 hours (usually much faster but we do need to sleep as well).


10. We offer a 30 day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee! We only want to work with super satisfied clients so if there is any reason at all you don’t feel like PeachFly is the perfect fit for you, just let our support know and we will refund you every penny you trusted us with.

What do I need to get started?

Using PeachFly is as simple as drag and drop so you don’t need any technical skills and you certainly don’t need to know anything about Google and Apple app publishing. We can’t promise that you won’t learn a lot in the process, but we think that is a good thing 🙂

There are two requirements that you need to consider in order to take full advantage of the powerful PeachFly publishing system:

1. Content. Yeah we know this sounds as a given, but if you have your own PDF or any other content in form of blog posts, manuals, books, etc, then you’re off to a great start. If you don’t it’s no biggie! You simply use our editor to drag and drop images and copy/paste your text 🙂

2. App Developer Accounts. You will need an Apple Developer Account ($99/year) and a Google Play Developer Account ($25 for lifetime). This is required as we do not publish your apps in our own accounts. We want you to stay in full control of everything about your apps, and publishing through your own developer accounts will give you just that. We will of course help setup all the initial app store details.

How do I get from Zero to Hero using PeachFly?

We get asked that a lot! Publishing apps is truthfully a super complex series of tasks that need to be executed perfectly in the correct order or else you risk that the app stores reject your app!


With PeachFly we eliminate that risk for you. By following our simple step by step setup you will have your publishing app submitted and live in no time!


It’s as simple as:


1. Upload your pdf or use our drag and drop editor to create your content.


2. Complete our Publishing Section where you link your own Developers Account.


3. We build your app, setup your App Store listings and submit everything for review.


4. Apple take 5-14 days to review your app, but Google does it in only a few hours!


5. Once approved, your apps are live in the App Stores.


Easy peasy 🙂

PeachFly Editor

Can I create responsive magazine content?

Yes Absolutely!


This is one of the unique features of PeachFly. You can use our visual drag and drop editor to create content that fits perfectly on any screens size and orientation.


Our editor is based on the famous Twitter Bootstrap Theme which was made popular by, well Twitter, when they made it freely available to the web. Without going into technical details, it’s a template for creating responsive content pages.


We have several themes available to use for free inside your PeachFly account. We also continue to add new themes and new features to our editor.


Stuck on PDF format?


We can also help you turn your PDF files into a responsive theme with several page templates that you can re-use and tweak as much as your heart desires. We will analyze and review your PDF file and create a set of pages that mimic the look and feel of your PDF. Only now, it’s responsive which means no more pinch to zoom! You also now have more options to add interactivity using the interactive widgets and HTML.


I’m a Web Designer Can I Make My Own Theme?


Ohhh we have got news for you! Yes, you can create your own completely custom issues if you have HTML, CSS and/or JS skills or knows someone who does. You can basically create a mini website with the traditional structure of /images, /CSS, /js etc. and then wrap it all up into a single file that can be used in your apps.


Please get in touch with us if this is something that intrigues you, as we have more advanced options as well.

Can you give some examples of interactivity offered by PeachFly?



One of our most used widgets is the YouTube widget, which allows you to stream YouTube videos right inside your pages. No need for your readers to leave your magazine!


Another of our popular widgets is the HTML5 widget which basically allows you to add any HTML5/CSS3 code into your pages. Perhaps you want to include an interactive infographic or a full page dynamic ad? No problem!


We also have a Soundcloud widget which allows you to add audio streams to your page.


Google Maps, Facebook, Mailchimp, Slider and Call Out widgets are some of the other interactive widgets available.


If you can drag and drop, you can publish with PeachFly!

What resolution should I use for my magazine cover?

If you’re using for the cover image, 768 pixels width x 1024 height will suit best.

What is the maximum image size I can upload in the editor?

2048 width x 2048 height is the largest one. Any images higher than that will automatically resize to 2048 pixels in width or height with the same aspect ratio. Also there is no huge need to go higher then this as that is the resolution for the iPad retina displays.


If you have a good reason to upload larger images please get in touch with us.


What does PeachFly cost?

PeachFly offers a simple, all inclusive, subscription fees.


(Although we do address each client one at a time) We are more about Quality then we are Quantity


We believe pricing should be easy to understand. That’s why you won’t have to worry about complex usage pricing tiers and hidden or unforeseen additional charges.


With this in mind, we do tailer a subscription that best meets the requirements of each client. Just reach out to us, and we will gladly assist you.


It’s important to note that when we refer to:


Magazine/Title = the app distributed on both Apple and Google App Stores.

Issue = the contents of the actual Magazine/Title.


Each  subscription includes:

  • 1 magazine/title
  • unlimited issues
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited issue downloads
  • unlimited push notifications


So with a single PeachFly subscription you can create and publish one magazine app with unlimited issues to both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Do I have to pay Apple and Google to get started?

Yes, this is our only real requirement that we need from you.


The Google Play Developer account will cost you $25 (lifetime access) and the Apple Developer Account will cost you $99/year


There is no way around this and we don’t see a penny of these fees. If we could, we would make them disappear, but we can’t tell Apple and Google what to do … yet 🙂


These fees are applicable for anyone wanting to submit any type of app to the respective app stores.

What is the minimum commitment if I subscribe?

We’re happy to let you know that there’s no minimum commitment period for the PeachFly subscriptions. We do not want to force you into a yearly contract or similar from the get go. We want you to get started using PeachFly without having to worry about anything.


As our subscription renews automatically every month, this also means that you can cancel your subscription anytime as well (although you will be breaking our hearts).

(a valid subscription is required to keep your content active in the app)


So no commitment on subscriptions .

Do you have any specials for Startups? Edu. ? Public Services (police, fire, etc) ?

We love everyone, but also like to support !

As a startup ourselves we understand and try our best to support others as well. If you are a startup, Educational Institution, or a Public Services organization (Police, Fire, etc) that is  interested to use PeachFly  as your platform, please get in touch with us at support@peachfly.com

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